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Posted: May 16, 2014

Expiring: September 30, 2014

Last Updated: May 16, 2014

Job Type: Full-Time, Seasonal

Language: English

Start Date of Employment (Approx.): November 15, 2014

Minimum Education: Technical Training

Positions Available: 2

NOC Group: Dispatchers and Radio Operators (1475)

NOC Job Title: Emergency Medical Dispatcher

Job Number: 145898

Job Location(s)

1280 Alpine Road
Sun Peaks, British Columbia
V0E 5N0 Canada

Job Description

• Mountain operations dispatch, with first priority towards emergency personnel and equipment
• Log & document all mountain operations, communications(including details) for all emergencies
• Complete submit all daily log information, reports and documentation as required.
• Daily weather observation, recording and reporting to Environment Canada and Canadian Avalanche Association as required.
• Weekly accident summary reporting to Canada West Ski Area Association and Risk Management Safety Director.
• Ensure documentation/records/logs/daily check sheets are completed and accurate as directed by the company its policies and representatives.
• Search & Rescue emergency dispatch & documentation as required and notification of incident to Risk Management Safety Director / Patrol Director.
• Work and communicate effectively with other groups such as S.A.R., BC Ambulance, RCMP, Fire Department, EMRT, CSP and other outside agencies as needed..
• Follow the developed Company Standard Operating Guidelines and Procedures as written.
• Ensure that Company equipment and facilities are maintained and cared for in an acceptable manner.
• Prompt arrival at work in order to be ready to go to work at the predetermined time.
• Prompt return to work after breaks from work / ski breaks not part of daily routine
• Updating of manuals, documentation as directed by Patrol Director, Risk Management Safety Director and EMRT Coordinator.
• Willingly follow the directions as given by assigned supervisors and managers.
• Adhere to company policy as it applies to your job and conduct while at work.
• High level of willing participation in all provided training with an acceptable level of proficiency.
• Plan daily activities to make best possible use of the time available.
• Take personal initiative to identify and complete work projects.
• Communicate effectively with the public, direct supervisors and EMRT & CSP Liaisons.
• Work cooperatively with all employees and departments as the need arises.
• Perform tasks as requested by the Patrol Director or assistant, Risk Management Safety Director and EMRT Coordinator.
• Update forms, documents and manuals when required as requested by Patrol Director, Risk Management Safety Director and EMRT Coordinator.
• Attend all SPRC sponsored training & orientations
• To be dependable, timely and cooperative at all times with all members of the team.
• Maintenance of uniform issued.
• Personal communication device use Not Permitted during working hours

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Expiring: September 30, 2014