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WorkBC is committed to help British Columbians successfully navigate B.C.’s labour market. Search the comprehensive job board or use up-to-date labour market information to help guide your education and career path. Learn more about how WorkBC can assist you as a job seeker to navigate jobs in B.C.’s labour market.

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500+ career profiles highlighting key career information, such as job duties, salary, projected demand, and B.C. regional highlights.
Accommodation Service Managers (NOC 0632)

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The Construction industry includes businesses involved in constructing, repairing and renovating buildings, engineering projects, and sub-dividing and developing land. Businesses or people in this industry may work independently or as sub-contractors. They can be responsible for large...
Mining and Oil and Gas Extraction
Mining establishments are primarily involved in exploring, extracting and developing properties of naturally occurring solid minerals, such as coal and ores. Oil and gas extraction involves removing liquids (crude petroleum) and gases (natural gas) from underground.
Health Care and Social Assistance
The Health Care and Social Assistance industry includes services that provide health care, residential care for medical or social reasons, and social assistance. Health care establishments provide care for individuals who seek services for prevention, diagnosis or treatment from health care...

B.C. Labour Market Programs

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This award-winning employment program offers at-risk youth life skills, job readiness training, coaching and job placements in various industries throughout B.C. Overcoming their barriers to employment, youth gain the skills needed to find and keep employment.
Job Options BC
This province-wide program helps unemployed adults 18 years and up to find employment. Participants benefit from computer training, job search, life skills, short-term and specialized training, work experiences and followup support.
Employment Skills Access
Post-secondary institutions throughout B.C. offer group skills training at no cost to eligible unemployed participants. Prepare for entry-level employment and earn credentials related to local or regional labour market needs.

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Career Trek
Bringing Careers to Life! Experience careers through video and learn about duties, salary, education and more. Through in-demand occupations, salary and outlook data, Career Trek engages users in a variety of B.C. career opportunities in different sectors of the economy.
WorkBC Job Board
Providing you with over 6,000 new postings per month and 11,000 vacancies, the WorkBC job board service provides the most comprehensive, single access point to job openings in B.C. for free.
Labour Market Navigator
Need up-to-date labour market information in B.C. or a specific region? provides insight into current and future labour market conditions and career outlooks.

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Starting and Planning Your Career
Discover a range of tools to help you plan and build a career that works for you. Explore your future now.
Getting Ready for Your Job Search
Learn how to search for jobs, write resumes and prepare for interviews.
Types of Employment in B.C.
Whether full -time, part-time, temporary, contract, job-sharing, talent pooling or solo self-employment, work in B.C. comes in all sizes and colours.

Job Seeker Success Stories

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Mila Puharich, of Seaspan Marine Corporation
Mila credits ITA’s Women in Trades Training program and the STEP employment program for her start as the first female metal fabricator in her workplace in more than 60 years.
Stefanie Fournier, of Caorda Web Solutions
In addition to her post-secondary education, a strong motivation to improve her skills and network with others has led Stephanie to success as a graphic designer.

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