About Career Compass

Career Compass is the provincial government’s interactive online resource that helps youth identify and explore potential career options. The tool was designed to address a range of needs, by providing three pathways to exploration:

  • Three interactive quizzes that lead to customized lists of matching careers
  • A regional approach to exploring industries and career opportunities
  • Searchable infographic career profiles that provide key information such as salary, job prospects and education requirements

Career Compass will help you navigate career and labour market information more easily. You can use Career Compass to:

  • Explore your subjects of interest and discover potential career options
  • Learn more about careers of interest
  • Investigate high opportunity occupations
  • Examine choices about where to live based on where the jobs are
  • Consider post-secondary education options
  • Learn about current job openings
  • Set realistic goals for work and/or learning, based on solid labour market information