Career Compass for teachers & parents

Career Compass is an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive, tool that informs students about careers and the labour market, expanding their awareness of career options. Students can use it to quickly explore the world of work. Or they can use Career Compass to focus their attention on a particular career to plan their transition into the workplace or post-secondary education.
Career Compass lets students explore career information through three avenues. They can:

For teachers & parents

These resources provide a great introduction to Career Compass for both teachers and parents.

For teachers

These learning activities will help grade 9/10 students to explore career options and grade 11/12 students to confirm their career transition plans.

Blueprint Builder

Engage your students with Blueprint Builder, a key tool to help them find their career fit in B.C.’s strong and growing economy.
Learn more about this personalized career planning tool that helps youth find career, education, funding for school, and job search resources. Check out the following:
  Blueprint Builder lesson plans match with learning objectives in the planning, business and other B.C. education curricula.
They are also suitable for educators working with youth who have left school.