Finance Your Education

One of the biggest considerations you will face as you prepare for your post-secondary education is how you are going to pay for it.

If you or your family do not have sufficient savings to cover the full cost of schooling, you may need to apply for scholarships, bursaries (financial awards) or loans. Find all the details you need about these options in Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans.

Once you’re attending school, the time needed for courses and studying often leaves little time to earn an income. Because of this it’s critical to have a budget to help you plan for the expected and be prepared for the unexpected.  Visit Budgeting During School for information on how to budget and save money while you are a student.

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Investigate the financial assistance that can help you with the cost of your post-secondary education.

Calculate the money you’ll need to attend a post-secondary program. Develop a budget you can live with, to last you to the end of the school year.

Education Planning

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