Resources for Educators

With our lesson plans, you can help your students make the most of and our tools. They’ll learn about themselves, generate career ideas and explore a wide range of occupations.

Introduce your students to the website. On the site, they’ll find comprehensive resources for career planning and job searches and key labour market information. These resources will be useful to students long after they leave secondary school.  You can work with your students to:

  • explore and research information related to their career interests and objectives
  • identify and develop possible career paths
  • apply information on to their own career goals
  • research a job posting and simulate a job application

Lesson Plans

Career Compass provides information about careers and the labour market in an easy, integrated tool that helps students stretch their thinking about career options. This interactive tool lets students explore career information through three avenues:

  • take a career quiz and learn about industries and careers that match their answers
  • explore B.C. regions to find out where the career opportunities are
  • browse careers for a realistic picture of the job market, salary expectations and where the jobs are located, all through an easy infographic format

Students can save and view their results in their Blueprint Builder profile. For more information on Blueprint Builder view an overview of WorkBC’s Career Exploration Tool, Blueprint Builder.

Teachers and parents may access Career Compass resources and lesson plans.  

The Career Trek Lesson Plan helps students find information about the occupations profiled in our Career Trek online resources and videos. They will learn:

  • how to access information about necessary skills and education, salaries and job prospects of profiled occupations
  • how to research and analyze future job prospects
  • the relationship between work skills and career goals
  • how to find the educational paths that can fulfill specific job requirements

The Boss Yourself Lesson Plan teaches students how to use the Boss Yourself app to:

  • consider business ownership as a career choice
  • find useful resources
  • view an inspirational video
  • take challenges that introduce basic business skills
  • learn the fundamentals of starting and running a business
  • create a model business venture, produce a mock business website and interview a mentor