Starting and Planning Your Career

With proper planning, starting your career in B.C. can be easier than you think.

The first step? Self-assessment. Our tools will help you find a career that fits your interests, talents and goals. We'll also help you decide whether self-employment is right for you. If so, we'll explain what skills you'll need to develop to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.

In addition, you'll find an inventory of programs and services that can boost your qualifications and job-readiness. And, if you're an educator, you'll find information that can help you guide students on a path to career success.

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The best place to start career planning is with you. To find a career that fits, you need to know who you are, what energizes and motivates you, and where your skills and talents lie.

Learn about the skills you need for self-employment. Find tools to help you decide if entrepreneurship is for you. Do your homework, and access great information and support before you start.

Find lesson plans to help your students use WorkBC and its tools to learn about themselves, generate career ideas and explore a wide range of occupations.

Look into programs that can help you gain skills and find jobs. Find out if you qualify.

Job Seeker Success Stories

The Labour Community Fisheries Habitat Development Centre Society
Through WorkBC's Job Creation Partnerships, Dave gained skills and experience and accomplished his goal of being employed in an outdoors trade. Read More about Dave's success.