Employers' Advisers Office

The Employers’ Advisers Office provides services and information to employers related to the workers’ compensation system. We are a branch of the provincial government that is funded by the contributions made by employers to WorkSafeBC, so our services are provided at no extra charge to employers. However, our operation is independent of WorkSafeBC.

Employers' advisers provide services in accordance with the Workers Compensation Act. In fulfilling our mandate, employers' advisers:
  • Assist and advise employers, potential employers, and employer associations to understand, work and comply with WorkSafeBC requirements for claims, insurance (assessments), and health and safety matters.
  • Represent employers at WorkSafeBC, Review Division, and the Workers' Compensation Appeal Tribunal.
  • Conduct seminars on occupational health and safety issues, claims management (including reviews and appeals) and assessments.
  • Consult with WorkSafeBC officials to review and make recommendations to the policy departments, executive and Board of Directors.
For more information about our no-charge services and information, including seminars, visit the Employers’ Advisers Office