How to claim for reimbursement

If you applied using the CJG Web Application, start your online reimbursement here
If you applied by via PDF form, submit a Reimbursement Claim Form
To receive reimbursement the following are required:
1) Reimbursement claim submitted within 30 days of training start date
2) Accepted CJG Agreement
3) Training commenced and training provider paid in full
4) All required documentation
5) Details for PDF applications

1) Completed Reimbursement Claim must be submitted within 30 days of start of training
Failure to submit within 30 days results in cancellation of the Agreement by the Ministry

Please contact the Ministry immediately if you do not intend to proceed with training

2) Accepted CJG Agreement for approved training
Once the application is approved, the Ministry provides an Agreement for employer acceptance

3) Training commenced and training provider paid in full
Full cost of training must be paid by the applicant (including additional approved costs e.g.                         textbooks) before submitting the claim

When a participant pays for training-related expenses, the employer must submit an Employer             Reimbursement Verification Form signed by the participant certifying full participant                                     reimbursement

4) All required documentation submitted with reimbursement claim
Review the Employer Reimbursement Guidelines to ensure required documentation included e.g.             proof of payment, itemized invoices for courses, travel and textbooks

For Unemployed stream, documentation of the participant’s permanent employment placement             must be provided

Reimbursement claims are not processed until all documentation is received

5) For PDF Applications only
When an agreement has multiple training programs, separate Reimbursement Claim Forms are             required for each program

All Participants must complete their own Participant Information Form electronically and upload to the Secure Site before reimbursement claim is processed

Please send all other documentation, including reimbursement claim form to