Skills training programs

Skills training programs assist employers in providing certain types of training to their employees. With the right training, your employees can help your business grow and move into new service areas in the most dynamic sectors of B.C.’s economy. Find out if these programs can help you train your employees for the skills your business needs.

B.C. Employer Training Grant

The goal of the Employer Training Grant is to help unemployed and employed British Columbians access the skills training they need to adapt to the changing requirements of jobs and the labour market.
At the same time, the grant encourages employer involvement in skills training of new or current employees. The program assists employers in providing employees with training to develop skills and certification, upgrade skills needed due to automation, and enhance productivity. 

Labour Market Partnerships Program

The Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) Program focuses on projects that address a local labour market imbalance or other human resource planning activities that are in the public interest. It includes the Employer Sponsored Training (EST) program, which provides eligible employers with financial assistance to support training for employees who would otherwise lose their jobs.

Trades Training and Apprenticeships

Supporting employees when they pursue specialized training in trades or apprenticeships can ensure that your business has the capability to sell its services and products in demanding sectors of the B.C. economy. The apprentice you sponsor brings not only the ability to meet demanding standards, but a direct link to new techniques and technology your business can use.

Your role as an apprenticeship sponsor will include:
  • Providing training under the supervision of a certified tradesperson or an employee with sign-off authority.
  • Registering, tracking and reporting the apprentice’s work.
  • Allowing the apprentice time off to attend school.
  • Evaluating the apprentice and making a recommendation regarding certification.
The Industry Training Authority has many resources to help you manage and train the apprentice. Review the 6 Steps to Success for a simple guide to your role as a sponsor.

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum Employer Toolkit also includes information that inspires and answers questions about sponsoring an apprentice. Check out their Hiring an Apprentice page.

Your business may be eligible for various tax credits when you provide apprenticeship training. See the Industry Training Authority website for more information on tax credits.