Chris & Matt, Wholesale & Retail Technology

Chris and Matt, bar coding systems

Chris Pedersen and son Matt Pedersen of International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting

International Bar Coding Systems & Consulting opened in 1993 in the basement of Chris Pedersen’s home. Today the business is located on a multi-acre site in the heart of Penticton’s industrial park, employs 15 to 20 people, and has clients all across North America.

IBC got its start tracking data by bar code for businesses specializing in wood products that sold to retailers like Home Depot, Rona and Lowe’s. Growth was monumental—IBC tracks everything by bar code from manufacturer to customer. Over the years, requirements have changed with technology.

Chris Pedersen earned a reputation as a bar code pioneer, co-developing industry standards for bar codes with U.S. agencies. His two sons both work in the company. His oldest, Martin, is in the printing and production department and his other son Matt works in business development and public sector marketing.  In 2005, the company began producing bottle and case labels for the wine and beverage industry.  

IBC also provides packaging solutions for major fruit and vegetable producers, tracking products from tree to customer. The expansion helped IBC weather the recession of 2007/08 when the drop in the U.S. housing market led to plummeting wood sales.

IBC continues to grow despite competition from companies in China and the United States for inventory management and labelling solutions. Matt says IBC has earned a reputation for reliability, providing clients with one-stop vendor solutions. “Our clients appreciate one point of contact. They don’t have to call multiple people and they appreciate IBC’s exceptional after-sales support.”  

What advice does Matt have for would be entrepreneurs? “Have a plan and figure out where it’ll fit into the industry. Find a niche and know what you want your product to say about your business.”