Glenn, Clean Energy

Glenn, Endurance Wind Power(Pictured right) Glenn Johnson, Endurance Wind Power, Surrey

It takes intense focus to achieve ambitious business goals. Glenn Johnson, CEO of Endurance Wind Power, knows that well. Today, he spends every moment growing his Surrey-based wind turbine manufacturing and exporting company.

To meet increasing demand from clients worldwide, Endurance Wind Power recently opened new manufacturing facilities in Grandview Heights – 40,000 square feet, the size of a giant box store.

“This year alone, we’ve created 80 new jobs at Endurance; 40 of them right here in the Lower Mainland. These are new clean energy jobs that help grow the cleantech manufacturing base in B.C.,” says Glenn.

Glenn isn’t just the CEO – he is the heart and soul of the company, building it from the ground up. He has a track record of entrepreneurial success stories and Endurance continues the trend.

His goal: start a global wind network to deliver localized, affordable clean energy. A strong list of clients in the UK, US, Denmark, Italy and Canada indicate Endurance is on track.

“This new manufacturing facility is indicative of how far we’ve come in a relatively short time. We started here in Surrey in 2007, just six of us, with a one-room office and a big vision of starting a global network of wind power.”

Today Endurance employs 150 people, many of them local grads in engineering and manufacturing. They’re attracted by the highly-skilled, relatively well-paying cleantech opportunities.

“They’ve put their trust in me and this company. I have to live up to these expectations,” says Glenn. “Almost half of the employees have bought shares in the company.”

Endurance has 750 wind turbines installed worldwide. One of their flagship E3120 turbines generates enough clean energy to power a dairy farm, hospital or school.

B.C.’s cleantech sector is proving it is ready to take on the world.