Mike, Manufacturing & Exporting

(Pictured left) Mike Sanderman - Applied Compression Systems

Cranbrook Compression  Company Serves Clients Around the World

Mike Sanderman says many folks in Cranbrook don’t know Applied Compression Systems exists. That’s because it’s making a name for itself by supplying specialty compressors for clients who are usually outside of the area…in fact, around the world.

Sanderman is the operations manager. He says Applied Compression Systems started four years ago. However, business really began 11 years ago with its sister company Canadian Purcell Machinery.

“We are a family owned company and we started in Calgary. We spent summers over here in B.C. and we started selling used compressors and then people wanted specialty new ones and couldn’t find anybody to build them.”

Applied just hired three new full-time employees bringing its total staff to 12 people. Plans are to possibly hire two more folks within six months. This growth is in large part due to the Canadian and U.S. economies picking up.

While these new orders are at the top of Sanderson’s mind, there’s one project that he won’t forget. It was work Applied did with General Motors and its then research company Delphi in 2012. They wanted compressed natural gas for their vehicles but, this involved flaring, which was an environmental concern.

“We designed and tested a system that ran through injectors. It collected the gas and re-injected the gas through compressors. It keeps re-using the gas.”

Meantime, while it might be surprising for some people to learn that Applied Compression Systems calls Cranbrook home, it’s the perfect spot for the business says Sanderson.

“In other cities, you work 24 hours, there’s no lifestyle. Here in Cranbrook, they can make a comfortable living, have a family and a lifestyle. It’s a big part of working here.”

It’s that balance of work and family life that no doubt is one of the reasons for the success of Applied Compression Systems.