Find workers

Finding, hiring and retaining the best workers is a key strategy in building a successful company.
WorkBC Jobs is a free, comprehensive job site that helps you connect with qualified people looking for work in B.C. You can create an employer profile, post jobs and see what other employers are looking for.

Scott Plastics, a manufacturer from Sidney, recently used’s job board to fill a vacancy requiring a very specific and rare skill set.

Robert Ashbourne, CFO of Scott Plastics says, “ [We] utilized several well-known employment websites to post technical job openings. We turned to the WorkBC website as an alternative to commercially available services. The WorkBC account creation process was easy, job posting layout and listing requirements were relevant, the level of service was outstanding and the posting was free for employers. We received applications from several skilled tradespeople and hired an applicant after being unable to find qualified applicants through other H.R. related service providers and job listing portals. In the future, we plan to utilize the WorkBC website again to find and engage job seekers.”

You can also use these resources to find people looking for work:

  • The B.C. Industry Association Job Boards page contains links to job sites for dozens of B.C. industries. Look here to find workers for specific industries.
  • The Job Bank is a free federal job-matching tool that lets you post jobs and search for candidates across Canada. It also provides information on managing human resources.

Check out these other resources to build a strong team of talent:

Plan for Recruitment

An effective recruiting strategy can save you time and help you avoid problems. Check out this resource to help you plan.
  • go2 Tourism HR  Find information about planning your recruitment efforts.

Assess and Select Job Candidates

For help in the challenging process of choosing among job applicants, review these guides.

Hire an Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice is a great way to recruit new talent and prepare for the future of your business. Get more information.
  • Hear from employers – Watch videos from employers who found that it makes good business sense to hire an apprentice.
  • Training Tax Credit – Learn about the tax credits B.C. gives to employers and apprentices in eligible programs.
  • Apprenticeship Basics – Find out more from the Industry Training Authority about sponsoring or hiring apprentices.
  • Apprenticeships – Read more about skilled trades and apprenticeships in B.C.

Hire a Reservist

Reservists are part-time soldiers, sailors and airmen/airwomen. They have a wide variety of skills and abilities that go hand-in-hand with being trained in the military. Teamwork, discipline, leadership, initiative and loyalty are just a few of the attributes that Reservists bring, that could provide an advantage to your business. 

  • Information for employers and educators – Learn the benefits of hiring a Reservist.
  • ExecuTrek Program – See Reservists in action. This program gives employers, supervisors and human resources professionals the opportunity to learn about the benefits of hiring a Reservist. 
  • Military Leave Policy – Find out how you can support the Reservist you hired to take the military leave from their civilian job that is necessary for their training, or so they can go on operational deployments.
  • Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program (CERP) – Learn about the financial support your business could receive from this program to help offset any operational costs that your business may incur during the Reservist’s deployment period.

Find Employment Programs

B.C. offers a variety of programs to support employers who want to find workers.

  • Community and Employer Partnerships – Find out about funding to hire unemployed residents of British Columbia to work on particular projects and how your business can create employment opportunities.
  • B.C. Labour Market Programs – Review programs and services to match employers with workers. Some programs include wage subsidies, hiring incentives and training allowances. Get help to find and hire skilled talent for your business.