Emerging Priorities Stream

This stream supports communities experiencing workforce challenges or emerging opportunities that require occupational skills training to address. Some reasons for the shift may be a new economic development opportunity or an ongoing transition in the local labour market that has resulted from an industry closure or expansion, a natural disaster such as a forest fire or a flood, or other conditions that have impacted employment in the community. 
Note: The CWRG program is not intended to meet the same needs as the B.C. Employer Training Grant (ETG). Please carefully review the objective and criteria of the CWRG program before applying. If you are an employer looking to train new or current employees, the ETG program may be the right program for you. Please visit the ETG website to learn more about this program.

The CWRG is also not intended to meet the needs for those requiring adult upgrading, English language skills, literacy training and basic essential skills. Please visit WorkBC - Essential Skills and Literacy and Skills Training for Employment for resource and program information.

Eligible Applicants:

  • Non-profit service providers
  • Local governments
  • Unions certified to represent employees under the B.C. Labour Relations Code
  • Major employer in a community with a single resource economy
Please refer to the Emerging Priorities Stream Criteria for a complete list of eligibility requirements.


  • The maximum funding per application is $300,000
  • The maximum funding per participant is $15,000 per fiscal year (April 1 to March 31)
    ​This amount is cumulative across CWRG-funded projects within the same fiscal year

Supported Activities:

  • Occupational skills training
  • Employment support services
  • Financial support for participants

Expected Outcome:

Unemployed, part-time, seasonal, casual, or precariously employed participants obtain sustainable employment.

Current Status*: 

Intake 1
No longer accepting applications March 31, 2022 –
June 3, 2022 (4:30pm)
May 16, 2022 – 
Aug 29, 2022
Intake 2
No longer accepting applications June 13, 2022 – 
July 29, 2022 (4:30pm)
Sep 1, 2022 –
Dec 28, 2022
Intake 3
Not accepting applications Oct 31, 2022 – 
Nov 25, 2022 (4:30pm)
Jan 2, 2023 –
February 21, 2023

*May be subject to change