Self-Assessment Questionnaire

When considering a project for funding under the Community Employer Partnership program, applications are assessed against the goals of the program, and current government and ministry priorities.

The goals of the Community Employer Partnership Program are:

  • To increase employment opportunities for unemployed British Columbians through the use of partnerships, shared information, technology and innovative practices;
  • To focus on the importance of communities, and build employer partnerships that will identify and create partnership and innovation opportunities that will promote job creation and employment;
  • To support employers in meeting their human resource needs;
  • To help communities and employers identify and respond to labour market needs.

Government and Ministry priorities include:

  • Developing and enhancing the skill level of British Columbians in order to increase their success in obtaining and retaining employment;
  • Ensuring access to BC programs and services;
  • Partnering with employers and communities to address regional and sector specific labour market needs;
  • Continuing to develop Labour Market Information services.

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Self Assessment Questionnaire