Bradly: Working For Himself

 Autism spectrum disorder did not stop Bradly from starting his own business.

Bradly-sz.jpgBradly has autism spectrum disorder, and he found formal work environments challenging. Presenting himself as an outgoing person in the workplace was stressful and exhausting. Bradly was ready for a change from the work he had done for many years.

Bradly craved independence and the opportunity to work on projects that did not have the social requirements of traditional employment roles. WorkBC Centre staff connected him to an employment advisor and during the 12-week discovery phase he learned that he really wanted to run his own business.

Bradly produced a business idea for laser print production and his WorkBC employment advisor helped support him as he prepared to launch his business. WorkBC Centre North Okanagan connected him to self-employment workshops and business advisors who specialize in supporting entrepreneurs with disabilities. He also received marketing instruction to sell his laser-printed products to local businesses.

WorkBC helped support Bradly to build his ideal employment. His business, Fire Forge Laser Creations, allows Bradly to exercise his creative side independently away from the stress and anxiety of formal, traditional workplace roles.

Bradly is now self-employed and sells special customized printed products to people and organizations in his region.

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