Jane: Working Again Later In Life

Coming out of retirement required confidence and updated skills for Jane.

Jane-sz.jpgJane had several factors affecting her employment ability including hearing loss. She had been unemployed for almost two years.

Jane was affected by the COVID-19-related economic turndown. The increased cost of living and some unexpected and mandatory home expenses meant she had to come out of retirement and seek work again. She did not have access to the internet or a mobile device, and she faced ageism and discrimination during her job search.

In 2021, Jane began working with WorkBC Centre Greater Victoria through the Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre to find employment. Staff at the WorkBC Centre helped her re-develop her resume and provided courses and information on interview and presentation tactics. As WorkBC staff listened and learned about Jane’s situation she grew more confident in her abilities.

On her 70th birthday Jane secured a job well-suited for her skills. She works part-time close to home in a small shop where her passion and social skills help her provide attentive customer service. WorkBC Centre Greater Victoria helped Jane cut though the barriers she was facing during her job search, and now Jane can continue to secure her financial future.

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