Louanne: Overcoming challenges to gain meaningful work

Louanne found her dream job as a Health Care Aide. Read her story…

Louanne CelebratesLouanne came to the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre because she needed help making a career shift and knew she might need more training. Louanne had an unstable employment history, had faced many personal challenges, and had to leave her last job in 2019 for medical reasons.

The Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre helped Louanne with assessments and exploration of sustainable career paths. Through these processes Louanne recalled at one time wanting to be a nurse, but due to life’s circumstance and training costs this hadn’t worked out. Louanne found the support network necessary and professional guidance at her WorkBC Centre to help pursue this goal. Through the support of her doctor and the guidance of the Maple Ridge WorkBC Centre and their staff, Louanne applied for funding and started training a Health Care Aide (HCA), an in-demand career in BC.

As Louanne went through the HCA training, she kept her support network nearby and developed strategies to maintain momentum. Although there were challenges, Louanne graduated with honours and secured employment in a seniors’ care facility right after graduation.

“I went to WorkBC with the determination to better myself. My WorkBC case manager was my biggest advocate. With support and guidance, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming a Health Care Assistant.”