Victoria: Getting Tools She Needed

Victoria needed special hearing tools to allow her to focus on her work tasks better.

Victoria has had hearing loss in both ears since childhood and her hearing loss has continued to progress over the years. She needs a work environment that allows her to adapt her hearing tools or her environment, so she can focus on her tasks.

Since 2019, Victoria’s team has been working remotely and she spends a lot of time as a business software specialist collaborating with colleagues on videoconference. During audio-only conferences, she was unable to lip read or use other strategies to compensate for her hearing loss.

A family member who also has hearing loss told Victoria about WorkBC Assistive Technology Services (ATS). ATS provides equipment and devices to help individuals with a work-related barrier due to a disability or a functional limitation thrive in the workplace.

WorkBC ATS provided financial support to assist Victoria with the purchase of hearing aids and an accompanying microphone with Bluetooth connectivity. The new hearing aids and microphone made a significant difference in her ability to hear during videoconferences and audioconferences. The new equipment is easier and more comfortable, and Victoria spends her cognitive energy on her specialized expertise and not her hearing differences.

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