Success Stories

Carmen Badger - ACCESS

Carmen-cropped.png Carmen is a member of the Kehewin Cree Nation. She joined the BladeRunners program shortly after relocating from Alberta to Vancouver. She hoped to find a new start in the city.

Upon completion of the program, she chose a position with Lower Mainland Steel. With the support of the coordinators, she has maintained her position and is proving herself a trustworthy, hard worker.

Carmen has shown dedication to her career in a tough trade. She has since been referred into the housing program at BladeRunners Place. She is a testament to what hard work can do.

Rebecca Knot - ACCESS

Rebecca-Knot-portrait-(1).pngRebecca is a true BladeRunners poster child. After graduating, she began working with Lower Mainland Steel.

A couple of months later, Rebecca realized that ironwork was not for her, but she wanted to stay in the trades. She was placed with Starline Windows at their Station Square site at Metrotown. The company immediately realized her tremendous potential.

Rebecca continues to work with Starline Windows at Concord Pacific’s landmark ARC project in Yaletown.

Sparrowhawk Christopher - ACCESS

Sparrowhawk-Christopher-(1).pngSparrowhawk moved from his community to seek a new career. His family was very concerned with his decision, as he had limited independent living skills.

He completed his BladeRunners training and went to work with MJ Installations. Sparrowhawk has made a great transition. He went from having no work experience and limited skills, to steady employment with full responsibilities.

BladeRunners helped Sparrowhawk get a temporary place to stay at Covenant House. He now resides at BladeRunners Place and continues to do well.

Claude Nelson - ACCESS

Claude-Nelson.pngClaude arrived in Vancouver after leaving Prince Rupert. He was seeking new opportunities and the right job for him. 

He was referred to BladeRunners by his sister, who had gone through the program. After completion, Claude explored various jobs to match his skills and interests. 

Claude has maintained his latest job and has done very well. He has shown appreciation for the opportunities he received through BladeRunners. He made use of all the supports and knowledge he received.

Anahita Rasti - ACCESS

Anahita-Rasti.pngAnahita felt stuck in a dead end retail job with no chance for advancement. She approached BladeRunners looking to change careers. 

She was apprehensive about the Vancouver Downtown Eastside and a construction career. However, that subsided after her BladeRunners coordinator explained the program to her. He also counselled her when she doubted her physical abilities after starting work. 

One year later, Anahita became a Lower Mainland Steel star employee on the Vancouver House project. She looks forward to a lifelong career as an ironworker.