Work Experience Opportunities Grant

The Work Experience Opportunities Grant application window is now closed. Thanks for your interest in this funding opportunity. Check back to learn about how many participants and organizations were supported through this program as well as potential future funding opportunities.

The Work Experience Opportunities Grant program is focused on helping vulnerable British Columbians impacted by COVID-19. Funding supports a sustainable, resilient and inclusive post-pandemic labour market recovery by providing opportunities for individuals to increase their ability to participate in the labour market.

Grants were provided to eligible businesses and organizations to provide 12 weeks of work experience throughout the province. Organizations could apply for $5,000 per participant, to a maximum of 10 participants inclusive of all three intake periods, totalling up to $50,000. Participants in the program received a stipend of at least $300 per week. The deadline for the last intake period was March 8, 2021

Last Updated: March 9, 2021