Wage Subsidy

The WorkBC Wage Subsidy program covers a part of employee wages so employers can hire job seekers and provide work opportunities. Both unemployed individuals and employers in B.C. can benefit from WorkBC Wage Subsidy.

Where to start?

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WorkBC Wage Subsidy – Employers

 I am an employer. How can the wage subsidy help me?

 Wage subsidy offers employers opportunities to 
  • Cover a portion of wages for employees
  • Re-hire laid off employees
  • Hire new employees
  • Fill various hiring needs 
  • Support existing operations or expansion
  • Reduce work-related barriers for an employee with disabilities
 Subsidy rates range, depending on an individual’s situation. You can also contact your WorkBC Centre to discuss the wage subsidy program.

I am an employer. How do I apply for WorkBC Wage Subsidy?

There are two ways to access WorkBC Wage Subsidy. First, find out if you are eligible.  Then you can either:
  • Have a candidate for a job? Apply today. It only takes a few minutes  
  • Have a job but no candidate? Your local WorkBC Centre can help and match you with a suitable local job seeker

  WorkBC Wage Subsidy – Job Seekers

 I am a job seeker. How can the wage subsidy help me?

 If an employer applies for a wage subsidy, a job seeker can get: 
  • Paid work experience opportunities  
  • On-the-job training
  • Opportunities to gain skills and long-term employment
 I am a job seeker. How do I apply for WorkBC Wage Subsidy?
You don't apply for the wage subsidy. The employer applies, however you can:
  • Talk to a potential employer about wage subsidy and suggest they apply
  • Apply for WorkBC Employment Services and explore if a wage subsidy opportunity is a good fit for you  
If you are currently receiving case management services from a WorkBC Centre, you may be eligible for other supports to prepare for employment and a new job. Contact your WorkBC Centre to learn more.