Skills Definitions

Clerical Ability

Are you good at finding errors when proofreading documents?

The ability to understand written and numeric material; can proofread words and numbers.

Organize information

  • Recognize mistakes easily

  • Proofread written material

  • Use a system to organize and find information


Can you pick out differences in two similar pictures?

The ability to see fine details in objects.

Eye for detail

  • Recognizes small parts

  • Sees fine detail in objects

  • Visually perceptive

  • Inspects objects


Do you like to be in a leadership role?

The ability to give direction and instruction easily. You are independent, self-directing and able to make decisions and coordinate others.


  • Coordinates others

  • Self-directing

  • Enjoys organizing

  • Independent

Finger Dexterity

Can you sort or repair small objects using your fingers?

The ability to manipulate small objects with your fingers.

Manipulate small objects

  • Use a keyboard

  • Sort and repair small objects

  • Manipulate small objects accurately

General Learning Ability

Can you understand instructions easily?

The ability to grasp or understand instructions and underlying principles; the ability to reason and make judgments.

Learns quickly

  • Comprehends instruction

  • Understands ideas

  • Reasons things out


Do you like to dig deeply to solve problems?

You like to explore things in depth and solve problems by experimenting. You prefer to be challenged with new and unexpected experiences.

Think outside the box

  • Adjusts to change easily

  • Likes testing and measuring

  • In depth exploration

  • Enjoys science

Manual Dexterity

Can you move and turn objects skillfully with your hands?

The ability to skillfully use your hands. You can move and turn objects and use hand tools.

Uses hands skillfully

  • Manipulate objects with your hands

  • Use hand tools

  • Move and turn objects

  • Sort objects


Do you enjoy a set routine for performing your work?

You enjoy following a set routine and following procedures in your work.

Uses organized methods

  • Works on a task until completion

  • Prefers clear instructions

  • Follows established policies

Motor Coordination

Do you have good hand-eye coordination?

The coordination of large, small and fine motor movements using the body (arms, legs, hands, etc.)

Hand-eye coordination

  • Gross and fine motor movement

  • Can take things apart and put them back together

Numerical Ability

Are you good with numbers?

The ability to understand numbers and perform math.

Solve Numeric Problems

  • Collect data and analyze statistics

  • Solve math problems

  • Make accurate measurements

  • Work with money


Do you like to build things and/or repair them?

You are interested in finding out how things operate and how they are built.

How do things work?

  • Interested in how things work

  • May work with tools, instruments and machinery

  • Like to build and repair according to specifications


Would you like a job where you work with people?

You like dealing with people and you enjoy working with and cooperating with others.

Works well with others

  • Works with people

  • Identifies the needs of others

  • Helps solve problems

Spatial Perception

Can you draw things accurately?

The ability to perceive or react to the size, distance or depth of the environment.

Recognizes size, distance or depth

  • Can imagine a 3D-form from a diagram

  • Awareness of surrounding environment

  • The ability to draw things accurately

  • Understands geometry

Verbal & Written Comprehension

Can you express information and ideas easily and clearly?

The ability to analyze information and solve problems.

Communicates ideas

  • Reads and understands written material

  • Write and correct text

  • Communicates ideas clearly

  • Strong vocabulary