Prepare for Interviews

Once your resume has caught the attention of an employer, you may be asked to meet for a formal interview.

By presenting yourself well, highlighting your experience effectively and communicating clearly, you’ll ensure that your interview is a success.

Before the Interview:

  • Research the organization to show your interest in working there. Learn what they do, who they serve, how many offices and employees they have and how long they’ve been in business.
  • Know the job requirements, including skills, tasks and education. By relating them to your own skills and experience, you can show how you can be of value

At the Interview:

In many cases, you’ll compete with several candidates for the job. How you present yourself will affect your chances of success.

Project the image you want through your clothes, your speech and your manners. Be neat and professional, polite and friendly. Shake hands firmly and make eye contact. Answer questions clearly and show your interest by asking questions about the organization and the position.

After the Interview:

Send a thank you note. In addition to expressing your appreciation, you can use the note to mention something you didn’t say in the interview, or to remind the employer of ways in which you are a particularly good fit for the job.

Learn More

UBC's Centre for Student Involvement & Careers offers more detailed information on what to do before, during and after an interview.

Okanagan College has questions to consider and a checklist of things to do as you get ready for an interview.

Service Canada helps you Prepare for the Interview with tips on preparing, performing well and following up.

Working in Canada provides insight into how to plan, what to bring and what to do during and after an interview.

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Search up-to-date job listings in your community and around the province.

B.C. Employment Programs

Check if you qualify for B.C. programs and services that could help you gain skills and find employment.

Some examples:

  • BladeRunners
  • Women in Trades training
  • Skills Connect for Immigrants
  • Labour Market Sector Solutions