Desktop publishing operators and related occupations (NOC 1423)

About this job

Desktop publishing operators and related occupations:

  • use computers to enter text into a typesetting system
  • operate typesetting output equipment to produce text that is ready to print
  • work for typesetting companies, commercial printing companies, publishing and printing companies and various establishments in the public and private sectors that have in-house printing departments
Common job titles
  • braille block maker / engraver
  • braille computer translations specialist
  • braille data entry clerk
  • braille stereograph machine operator
  • compositor, typographer / typesetter
  • computer photocompositor / phototypesetter


Desktop publishing operators:

  • operate desktop publishing software and equipment to design, lay out and produce camera-ready copy
  • may perform pre-flight operator duties

Markup persons:

  • mark copy with computer codes and typographic instructions before it is typeset

Typesetting input operators:

  • input copy, codes or commands and subsequent corrections into typesetting device or system
  • operate media conversion equipment to process and format copy sent through telecommunications

Typesetting output operators:

  • operate and look after typesetting output devices, load and process light sensitive material and perform routine maintenance

Work environment

Work in this occupation is typically performed in a structured environment, such as an office.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

Promotion to supervisory positions is possible through experience.

Additional resources

Additional resources are not currently available for this career.