Contractors and supervisors, heavy equipment operator crews (NOC 7302)

High opportunity occupation

About this job

This group includes excavating, grading, paving, drilling and blasting contractors who own and operate their own business. It also includes supervisors who supervise and coordinate the activities of workers classified in the following groups:

These workers are employed in a wide range of establishments; workplaces are indicated in the above group descriptions.

Common job titles
  • contractor, demolition / excavating
  • contractor, house mover / building mover
  • contractor, paving / pipe laying
  • contractor, water well digging / drilling
  • foreperson, blasters / dynamiting
  • foreperson, bridge & highway construction


Contractors and supervisors in this group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • supervise, coordinate and schedule the activities of workers who operate cranes and construction, paving, drilling, railway maintenance and other similar heavy equipment
  • set up methods to meet work schedules and coordinate work activities with other project supervisors or managers
  • order materials and supplies
  • solve work problems and recommend work measures to improve productivity
  • train or arrange for training of workers
  • recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions
  • make sure standards for safe working conditions are met
  • prepare production and other reports
  • may manage the operations of own company
  • may also supervise, coordinate and schedule the activities of related apprentices, helpers and labourers

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place indoors and outdoors, so workers may be exposed to various weather conditions.
  • Work may take place in dangerous locations such as construction sites.
  • Airborne particles such as sand and sawdust may be present in the workplace.

Career paths and resources

Career paths

There is some movement among jobs within a specific trade; however, there is little or no intertrade movement between the occupations in this group.

Additional resources

Additional resources are not currently available for this career.