Supervisors, electrical products manufacturing (NOC 9223)

About this job

Supervisors in this group:

  • supervise and coordinate the activities of workers who assemble, make and inspect electrical components, appliances, motors and industrial equipment.
  • work in companies that manufacture electrical products
Common job titles
  • foreperson, electric cable manufacturing
  • foreperson, electrical appliance assembly
  • foreperson, electrical dry cell assembly
  • foreperson, electrical equipment
  • foreperson, motor assembly / testing


Supervisors in this group perform some or all of the following duties:

  • supervise, coordinate and schedule the activities of workers who assemble, make and inspect various types of electrical apparatus and equipment such as electrical appliances, batteries, electric motors, transformers and generators and electrical switchgear and control equipment
  • set up methods to meet work schedules and coordinate work activities with other departments
  • solve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality
  • order materials and supplies
  • train staff in job duties, safety procedures and company policy
  • recommend staffing actions such as hiring and promotions
  • prepare production and other reports
  • may set up machines and equipment

Work environment

Key aspects of the work in this occupation:

  • Work takes place in a regular controlled indoor setting.

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