Plan Your Career

What career will give you a rewarding and successful life in British Columbia? How will you get ready for the career you want?

When you can answer these questions, you’ll have a better chance of getting the jobs you want. You’ll know what training and skills you need. You’ll know what careers fit your interests and abilities.

Use the resources on this page to plan your career and the steps you’ll take to get a productive and satisfying career.

Where to Start

Knowing your own skills and the skills that are in demand will get you started, whether you are planning a career or looking for a job.

Discover how to assess your skills and find out about the types of skills you need in today's work world.

Career Tools

WorkBC's Career Toolkit offers a variety of online tools to explore careers and prepare for your future.

  • Blueprint Builder starts you off with resources to narrow down your choices and choose an education that can suit you and meet your needs.
  • Career Compass presents three different approaches to help you explore career options and opportunities -- you can assess yourself, browse regions or browse careers with the Career Compass tool. 
  • WorkBC's Career Trek provides video profiles of British Columbian on the job for 147 different B.C. careers, as well as key labour market data on each career.

Other helpful tools for things you may want to know:

  • The Cost of Living Calculator compares the cost of living in over 150 B.C. communities, and gives you labour market information for these places.