Job Posting

Waterfront Director

Job Type: Full Time, Seasonal
Start Date: 2020-06-21

Language: English
Minimum Education: High School
Positions Available: 1

NOC Group: Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness (5254)
NOC Job Title: Lifeguard
Expires in 26 days
Expires: 2020-03-15
Last Updated: 2020-01-22

Job Number: 605832

Job Location(s)

PO Box 133
Armstrong, British Columbia
V0E 1B0, Canada
23 Mabel Lake Subdivision Road
Enderby, British Columbia
V0E 1V5, Canada

Job Description

MacKenzie Camp is situated on Mabel Lake, 35 km east of Enderby, B.C. The Waterfront Director has the ultimate responsibility of ensuring safety of all persons, and has authority over all persons at the waterfront, whether they be on the beach, in the water or in a boat, at this United Church camp from June 30 through to August 15. The Waterfront Director has the assistance and cooperation of the Assistant Waterfront Director / Life guard. The Waterfront Director can designate his/her responsibility temporarily to the Life Guard. Any staff person can also be asked to help at the waterfront, and will take direction from the Waterfront Director.

Time permitting, the successful applicant will work with the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director to plan the summer program and the pre-camp staff training. The United Church Standards and BCCA Standards will be followed. Time will be a standard 40 hour week. Room and board are supplied during the work week.

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How to Apply

Expiring: Mar 15, 2020

Contact: Personnel Committee
Phone: 2508386293

By Mail:
PO Box 133
Armstrong, British Columbia
V0E 1B0, Canada