Job Posting

Fish Farm Manager

Salary: $32.00/Hourly
Job Type: Full Time, Permanent
Start Date: As soon as possible

Language: English
Minimum Education: Diploma
Positions Available: 1

NOC Group: Aquaculture Operators and Managers (8257)
NOC Job Title: Fish Farm Manager
Expires in 20 days
Expires: 2021-02-11
Last Updated: 2020-10-14

Job Number: 640274

Job Location(s)

14839L 101 HWY
Powell River, British Columbia
V8A 0N1, Canada

Job Description

Pacific Aquaculture International INC is one of the largest shellfish hatcheries in North America located in Powell River with federal commercial licenses for many shellfish species. We are dedicated to raising, producing, marketing and exporting scallops, oysters, mussels and more species. As business increases, we are now seeking to hire a high-performing Fish farm Manager to join our growing company and be a valuable member in our group. You will be the leader of our aquaculture workers and responsible for managing the daily operation and overall management of our fish farm. If you have a great passion for aquaculture, sufficient knowledge and experience in shellfish cultivation and feel comfortable with intensive labor, you mustn’t miss us. We will provide you a professional platform to show your talents as well as sufficient technical and financial support. 


What You’ll Be Doing:


  • Manages the daily operation and overall management of the fish farm including production and harvest of shellfish;

  • Monitors fish growth and identifies the needs of shellfish and makes appropriate preparations for shellfish cultivation;

  • Monitors the environment and ensures that the fishery stock is cultivated with high oxygen levels and hygiene standards, and directs that the breeding and catching of brood stock are conducted in an environment-friendly and economic way;

  • Examines and supervises the stock on a regular base to identify and prevent disease or parasites, and distributes medications to control and prevent infection;

  • Collects and records the production data including the size and numbers of the fish;

  • Operates and maintains aquaculture equipment;

  • Allocates resources properly and develops a crisis response plan by using scientific rules and methods;

  • Manages and provides training to aquaculture workers and technicians of fish hatchery in order to equip them with professional knowledge;

  • Ensures that the safety needs of workers are satisfied by raising their safety awareness and implementing timely measures;

  • Devises and implements policies and standards in terms of operating management and equipment maintenance;

  • Arranges stock to be sold and sets up marketing and sales strategies;

  • Establishes good and long-term relationship with clients and achieves high levels of clients’ satisfaction;

  • Keeps financial records and controls the budget.


What You’ll Need to Acquire:


  • Minimum college diploma;

  • Possess stock skills and update knowledge of fish health and nutrition;

  • Related educational background is an asset;

  • At least two years’ working experience in aquaculture;

  • Ability to communicate in English, multiple language skill is preferred;

  • Ability to cooperate with colleagues and create a team-oriented environment;

  • High levels of physical fitness;

  • Dedicated to details.

How to Apply

Expiring: Feb 11, 2021