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Mushroom Harvesting Labourer

Salary: $15.20/Hourly
Job Type: Full Time, Permanent
Start Date: As soon as possible

Language: English
Minimum Education: None
Positions Available: 150

NOC Group: Harvesting Labourers (8611)
NOC Job Title: Harvest Worker
Expires in 58 days
Expires: 2022-01-23
Last Updated: 2021-10-18

Job Number: 698393

Job Location(s)

3151 260th
Aldergrove, British Columbia
V4W 2Z6, Canada

Job Description

This job is posted by an employment agency or third party on behalf of the employer.

Employer Name: Champ’s Fresh Farms Inc
Industry Title: Other Crop Farming (1119)


COMPANY NAME: Champ’s Fresh Farms Inc 

HEAD OFFICE: 3151 260th St, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2Z6

JOB LOCATIONS: Various locations in the lower mainland see below:

1.       28345 King Road, Abbotsford, BC, V4X 1C9

2.       4933 264th St, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 1K4

3.       2092 232nd St, Langley, BC, V2Z 2Z6

4.       7630 Bradner Road, Abbotsford, BC, V4X 2B6

5.       3151 260th St, Aldergrove, BC, V4W 2Z6

6.       889 Lefeuvre Road, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1H7

7.       25359 16 Ave, Aldergrove, BC V4W 2R7

JOB TITLE: Mushroom Harvesting Labourer

START DATE: As soon as possible

JOB TYPE: Full time, Permanent positions available

WAGE: $15.20/hour



  •  Picking, sorting, packing, and weighing mushrooms

o   Decide which mushrooms to pick to encourage good quality harvest

o   Sort picked mushrooms by sizes into boxes

o   Cut mushroom manually on the portabella line

o   Slice mushrooms on slice machine using SOP and ensure safety guards are followed as trained i.e. machine shut down, chains properly attached, steel covered

o   Manual Handling of pre-pack blue trays on the end bench of conveyor

o   Placing empty blue trays on the tub wash conveyor

o   Placing filled mushroom (all sizes such as 8oz, 16oz, etc.) into boxes and placed on the conveyors

o   Ensure all trays goes through OMORI – wrapping, stickering, and metal detector

o   Wrap and label mushrooms

o   Weighing of mushroom box on the weigh machine

o   Weigh and package mushrooms in a manner that the product is safe and legal

  •  Loading/unloading farm produce and supplies for transport

o   Bringing stack of mushrooms of pre-pack blue trays pallets using electric pallet jacks

o   Picking of wrapped mushroom boxes and placing on the cardboard

o   Placing of cardboard and stacking on the wooden pallets

o   Move empty cardboard boxes to the trashing machine outside area using hand pallet jack

o   Moving the pallets to the warehouses

  •  Cleaning and preparing mushroom beds, growing and working areas

o   Ensure all fallen mushrooms are cleaned off mushroom beds

o   Cleaning mushrooms beds properly to help promote good crop for the next flush of mushrooms

o   Ensure fallen mushrooms on the ground are swept and cleaned

o   Ensure fallen mushrooms on the rotating parts are cleaned using air-guns

o   Ensure all trash are cleaned outside in the big bin

  • Sanitizing picking tools and working area

o   Stacking blue tubs

o   Moving clean tubs and palletizing skid

o   Checking for cleanliness of the tubs

o   Wrapping skids of empty tubs

o   Sanitizing picking tools, buckets, etc

o   Ensuring cleanliness, tidiness and safety of work environment.

BENEFITS: Extended health and dental benefits is provided to successful candidates who are hired and have passed their 3 months probationary period.


  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to work long hours with repetitive tasks
  • Ability to work in various environments: cold, damp, dust
  • Ability to handle heavy workloads, in which can be physically demanding
  • Ability to distinguish between colors, hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity
  • Ability to bend, couch, stand and kneel for long extended periods
  • Ability to work at a high-level height

LANGUAGE: No formal language requirement.

EXPERERIENCE: No Education or experience required; successful candidates will be trained on job duties.


Please apply only in the manner specified below:


  • In the subject line, please indicate the position you are applying for

Fax: 1-604-625-1185


How to Apply

Expiring: Jan 23, 2022