Marilou Appleby: A Realtor® Still Going Strong

Marilou Appleby is a bundle of positive energy. “Sometimes, I am amazed that I have been in this career since 1986,” says the REALTOR®. Marilou explains that while her job requires a great deal of skill, knowledge, patience and know-how, she is often reminded why she continues to work — at an age when others might consider winding down their career or even looking at retirement. For Marilou, the decision is quite simple: “I love helping people find the right house or apartment… at whatever stage of life they are in. There is such magic in helping someone find a place to call home. There is nothing like it.”

Marilou — who now works in partnership with her son and his husband — still gets a thrill when her phone rings with a new client or when someone puts in an offer on one of her listings. She is confident that her wealth of experience still offers a great deal to her clients stating, “We are seeing more and more people working later in life — and I know for me, I choose to put a spotlight on the length of my experience. It is an asset. I think those of us who are a bit older have a great deal to contribute. We need to be confident about our age — not shy away from it.”

On any given day, Marilou is on the go. She explains, “Our days are busy! We might be handing over keys to a young couple who are expecting. Then it’s off to a showing across town. Then it’s back to another neighbourhood to pick up keys that will be handed over to a different excited buyer later that day. There are always texts, calls and emails that need a quick response. Nothing stands still in real estate.” And that means neither does Marilou. 

That said, working during the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how Marilou and her team do their jobs. For instance, instead of regular open houses, there are now online virtual showings. She also says that for in-person showings — which now only happen with people who are very serious about buying the property — masks are a must, and there is a great deal of cleaning that goes on between appointments. Likewise, weekly in-person company meetings have become Zoom video calls, which Marilou confesses she prefers because they are more efficient. 

It’s not just work that is busy. Marilou has an active social life and loves to spend time with friends and family. She participates in The Ride to Conquer Cancer and has found a love for cycling. In addition, Marilou takes her rescue dog on walks and hikes — giving them both fresh air and exercise. “I find that the more I stay active, the more energy I have,” she says. “And when I find something that works, I stick with it!”

Making a difference in peoples’ lives is what drives Marilou. She says, “If you want to be in this business, do it because you genuinely want to help people. For me, there is nothing more rewarding.” Along with her job, Marilou finds purpose as a volunteer facilitator with a mental health program through Vancouver Family Connections, a local non-profit. She also believes that it’s important to balance out all of the activity by slowing down a bit and sitting back to enjoy life. Marilou reveals her secret formula to a happy life, “For goodness sake, don’t compare yourself to anyone — especially on social media! You see people on there who seem to have perfect lives, but that’s all an illusion. Be who you truly are and don’t compare yourself to anyone. This is where happiness resides.”  

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