British Columbia’s economy

B.C.’s economy is constantly evolving. And these changes directly affect the number and type of jobs available.

How is B.C.’s economy changing?

Our province is:

  • attracting major project investment throughout the province
  • becoming increasingly focused on small business and services, with the service sector providing almost four-fifths of our jobs
  • strengthening our ties with Japan, China, Korea and India to become a trade hub for goods, services and people travelling between Asia and North America

What do these developments mean for B.C. workers?

Over the next decade, the demand for workers is expected to surpass the supply.

Several industries are expected to offer particularly strong job opportunities:

  • green technology, digital media and life sciences
  • traditional industries such as natural resources (expected to grow through innovation)
  • service industries including health care, high-tech and retail sales

Overall, workers have good reason to be optimistic. By developing the necessary skills, you’ll be poised for success in a broad range of careers.