Forecasting the labour market

Throughout this site, you’ll find all kinds of labour market outlook information – information such as employment demand and job openings.

Where does this information come from?

Our information comes from the B.C. Labour Market Scenario Model. This model generates a 10-year forecast for B.C.’s labour market. It bases its forecast on:

  • historical data, including population by age, employment by industry and occupation, and information on major projects
  • assumptions about the future, including retirement rates, economic growth rates and immigration levels

How does WorkBC deliver this information?

We produce several reports based on the information we get from the B.C. Labour Market Scenario Model. These reports can be useful to employers, job seekers and decision-makers in government, industry and post-secondary education.

The B.C. Labour ​Market Outlook offers projections about the British Columbia labour market. These include:

  • the expected number of job openings
  • which regions will have the fastest-growing demand for workers
  • which occupations will be in the highest demand
  • what level of education and training will be needed for the predicted job openings
  • how the aging of the workforce will affect employment across the province