Related labour market resources

We draw from a number of valuable resources to deliver reliable, up-to-date labour market information. Each of these resources offers vast amounts of data.

For additional information, you can refer to our sources directly. These include:

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada’s monthly Labour Market Indicators based on the Labour Force Survey provides employment and unemployment data from approximately 6,500 B.C. households. The results appear on Statistics Canada’s website on the first Friday of every month.

Statistics Canada’s Census Program, carried out every five years, provides national, provincial, municipal and regional data. It gathers information in categories ranging from income and occupation to education and immigration. It also provides social statistics on women in the workforce, marital status, home ownership and more.

Census and Community Profiles

Every five years, each household in Canada takes part in the census. Residents provide information about the number of people in their homes, their ages, genders and ethnicities. Statistics Canada’s Census Profiles provide census information specific to each community in the country.

Working in Canada

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s Working in Canada website contains links to labour market news stories. It also has detailed wage information by occupation and region.

BC Stats

Mine the riches that BC Stats has to offer. Use their search menu to find a wealth of topics to answer your labour market and other B.C. statistics questions.

BC Stats uses the location of B.C.’s census boundaries and development regions. They also identify the province’s health administrative boundaries, electoral districts, college regions and school districts.