British Columbia’s agrifood and seafood sector is one of the most diverse in Canada. It provides the province with a competitive advantage and a wide range of opportunities for growth and innovation in agriculture, commercial fishing, aquaculture and food and beverage processing.

B.C.’s agrifoods sector has more than 300 primary, high-quality food and seafood products. Responding to domestic and international demands, B.C. produces niche products such as ethnic and organic foods, herbal and botanical products and craft-brewed spirits.

Agrifood and seafood contributed $4.3 billion to the B.C. economy in 2015 and the sector provides 57,000 jobs. A record-high $3.5 billion in agrifood and seafood exports went to over 150 markets in 2015.


Fishing, hunting and trapping
Food, beverage and tobacco manufacturing
Support activities for agriculture and forestry

Sector Labour Market Partnerships Program

The Sector Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) Program helps industry and employers understand and respond to changing labour market demands. Under the program, partnership-led projects can apply for funding to address broader sector and regional labour market issues.

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