Natural Gas

B.C.’s natural gas sector provides development opportunities that are key to future economic growth. B.C.’s abundant natural gas resources, strategic location with access to Asian markets and stable social and political climate are competitive advantages. The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) industry is an opportunity to grow and diversify B.C.’s economy, and there is increasing interest in developing a value-added natural gas industry.

Natural gas contributed over $7 billion to the provincial economy in 2015. There are approximately 20 LNG export facility proposals in B.C. in various stages of development.


Oil and gas extraction
Support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction

Sector Labour Market Partnerships Program

The Sector Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) Program helps industry and employers understand and respond to changing labour market demands. Under the program, partnership-led projects can apply for funding to address broader sector and regional labour market issues.

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