Professional Services

B.C.’s professional services sector is comprised of businesses that provide professional, scientific, and technical services for people and businesses in B.C. and around the world. Typically, this industry employs people with a high degree of expertise and training.

Key services provided include: legal advice and representation; accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services; architectural, engineering, and specialized design services; computer services; consulting services; research services; advertising services; photographic services; translation and interpretation services; veterinary services; and other professional, scientific, and technical services.


Architectural, engineering and related services
Computer systems design and related services
Management, scientific and technical consulting services
Business support services
Other professional, scientific and technical services

Sector Labour Market Partnerships Program

The Sector Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) Program helps industry and employers understand and respond to changing labour market demands. Under the program, partnership-led projects can apply for funding to address broader sector and regional labour market issues.

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