Transportation is a key part of the province’s infrastructure. The growth of the economy relies on a safe, reliable and efficient multi-modal transportation network. B.C. is Canada’s Pacific Gateway, providing market access for global trade into North America and beyond. B.C.’s global transportation options—by air, water, road or rail—provide opportunities for B.C. producers and manufacturers to expand their client base, grow their business and create new jobs.

B.C.’s many diverse economic sectors, including tourism, international education, natural resources, agrifoods and manufacturing, depend on a world-class transportation sector facilitating efficient, reliable connections to reach global markets.

In 2015, transportation contributed over $11 billion to the provincial economy and the sector provided 140,000 jobs. Over $71 billion in exports were transported through B.C. in 2015.


Air transportation
Rail transportation
Truck transportation
Water transportation
Support activities for transportation
Postal service and couriers
Warehousing and storage
Wholesale trade
Other Transportation

Sector Labour Market Partnerships Program

The Sector Labour Market Partnerships (LMP) Program helps industry and employers understand and respond to changing labour market demands. Under the program, partnership-led projects can apply for funding to address broader sector and regional labour market issues.

Vancouver International Maritime Centre Labour Market Information Study – January 2017

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