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To apply, complete the relevant application form below and email it to us at There is no deadline for applications. If your project is eligible for funding, you will be contacted by ministry staff for more detailed information on your proposed activities, deliverables and budget.  

How Will a Sector LMP Program Application be Evaluated?

When a Sector LMP Program application is received, it is reviewed by ministry staff to determine if it meets the basic Sector LMP Program criteria. These criteria are:

  • Labour Market Focus –
    • The focus of the Sector LMP Program is on addressing labour force or workforce development issues, particularly workforce shortages and skills gaps, within a defined economic sector. 
  • Project Scope –
    • Projects are to be provincial, or at the very least, regional in scope. Regional is defined as covering at least one economic region of British Columbia.
    • Projects that focus on the broad needs of a sector rather than specific occupations may be given preference.
  • Eligible Organization –
    • An eligible organization must be recognized by the sector as understanding the sector’s needs and able to represent its interests. Eligible organizations must have established relationships in place to lead and/or respond effectively to workforce development challenges. Preference may be given to organizations that have been actively operational for at least one year.
  • Incremental –
    • Sector LMP project funding cannot be used to fund core operations of an organization. Project deliverables must be work that is incremental to regular operations of the organization.  
  • Non-duplicative –
    • Proposals will be reviewed in light of other active work within the sector. If a proposal is duplicative of another Sector LMP project, or describes work that the provincial government funds through other organizations, the application may be denied or applicants may be provided the opportunity to contribute to the work currently underway.

If applications are found to meet these criteria, ministry staff will initiate discussions with the applicant leading to the development of a Sector LMP contract.

There is no application deadline for the Sector LMP Program. The ministry accepts applications on an ongoing basis.