B.C.'s top occupations

Our top occupations are based on projected job openings, employment growth and labour market indicators such as unemployment and employment insurance utilization. Openings include new jobs created through economic growth as well as replacement jobs due to retired workers.

Occupations that do not need training are excluded.

Wage data sources: ESDC Job Bank Wage Report updated in 2015. For Chefs and Cooks, the wage data are based on Go2HR (Cook Labour Market Analysis Final Report, B.C. Sector Labour Market Partnerships Program, June 2016).

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Occupation TitleMedian Hourly WageJob Openings to 2025
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  • Core ListThese 85 occupations were included in the previous Outlook report and continue to be top opportunity occupations for Outlook 2015-2025.
  • Trending UpThese 4 occupations were not on the previous Outlook report and have been added as they are demonstrating increasing opportunities in Outlook for 2015-2025. If they continue to demonstrate increased opportunities they may be moved to the core list in future years.
  • Trending DownThese 11 occupations remain on the list, however, since the previous report they are demonstrating less opportunities and will be watched over time. If the opportunities continue to decline they may be removed from the Top 100 List in future years.