SLMP Projects

The SLMP program funds five activities or types of projects.  

Each project is intended to build upon and add to existing evidence to address workforce development needs or challenges within a specific sector, region or population.


Five Project Types or Activities:

Generally, workforce issues are addressed through a sequence of projects, but not all types of projects may be necessary, and some types of projects can be combined. For example, some projects are already led by strong partnerships, and a Sector Engagement Project is not needed.  *The starting phase and format of your project will be determined in consultation with SLMP staff. 

Project Activity Checklist 

If you can answer all the questions in one activity, move to the next activity. 

(Project Activity Checklist PDF)

Engagement and Planning

Establish your sector partnership;  identify leadership; and determine your project direction:

  • Who are your key stakeholders?
  • What are your primary workforce development concerns?
  • How do we make sure a full range of perspectives is represented?
  • Who will be part of the Governance Committee?
  • What are your expected outcomes and timelines for future SLMP projects?


Develop a deeper understanding of your sector's workforce challenges/issues:
  • What are your current and future workforce needs?
  • What are the major pressures facing our workforce? What are their causes and possible solutions?
  • How does culture or Indigenous identity affect your workforce outcomes and participation rates?
  • How does your sector-wide workplace culture affect attraction, retention and career-advancement of our workforce?
  • How are your employers addressing recruitment, retention and career advancement of equity-seeking groups?

Strategy Development

Develop a strategy and plan for long-term, sustainable goals for your project:
  • What options do you have to address our workforce challenges?
  • What results do you want to achieve? What activities will help achieve them?
  • How can your workforce strategy best meet the needs of your sector or communities?
  • What resources do you need to help us achieve your intended results?
  • Are there risks associated with your strategy? How can you limit the impact of those risks?
  • What data will we need to track to measure progress?

Strategy Implementation

Implement the strategic actions from your project plan and set metrics for monitoring your outcomes:
  • Is this project having a positive impact on your workforce challenges?
  • What challenges are expect when implementing the pilot project, and how can they be addressed?
  • How will you assess the long term effectiveness of the project?
  • Once SLMP funding ends, which parts of the project should be sustained and how?


Use your agreed-upon metrics to measure your outcomes at the sector-level:
  • What are the overall intended and unintended effects of the strategy?
  • Are the workforce challenges being addressed or have they changed as a result of the strategy?
  • What other factors need to be considered to explain the changes?
  • Do we need to adjust our strategy to achieve better outcomes?

Please refer to the Program Guidelines for further details, and contact: if you have questions.