Communities & organizations

B.C. offers the Sector Labour Market Partnerships and the Community and Employer Partnerships programs to support communities and organizations in job creation and responding to labour market issues.

Sector Labour Market Partnerships (SLMP)

The SLMP Program helps industry and employers respond to changing labour market conditions. The program provides funding for broad-based sector partnerships that research or develop response plans to labour market issues such as a lack of appropriate skills, workers or jobs. 

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Community Workforce Response Grant 

The Community Workforce Response Grant provides funding for communities and industries to support in-demand skills training, leading to secure and sustainable employment for unemployed or underemployed British Columbians. A key goal is to provide flexible and timely responses to B.C.’s emerging and urgent needs for labour and skills. 

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Community and Employer Partnerships (CEP) 

CEP aims to:

  • Increase employment opportunities for unemployed British Columbians through the use of agency and business partnerships, shared information and technology, and innovative processes and practices.
  • Foster collaborative, co-ordinated networks of community organizations and employers across the province.
  • Provide labour market information to communities and employers to better address their needs and create jobs.
The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction administers the CEP funding and includes four streams:

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Employment and Social Development Canada

Employment and Social Development Canada also provides funding to promote employment and skills development.

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