Labour Market Outlook

The labour market outlook identifies trends that are expected in the labour market in coming years. A good knowledge of these trends helps people to make important decisions about careers, education, training and human resource planning.  The labour market outlook helps to answer questions like: What occupations are most likely to be in high demand? What skills and education will be required? Where in B.C. are jobs expected to grow the fastest?

Here we offer a variety of tools and resources to help you learn about labour market trends.

The British Columbia 2022 Labour Market Outlook provides useful labour market forecasts for all jobs in the economy to inform decision-making.  It includes projections on:

  • Job openings
  • Regional labour market conditions
  • Education and training needs
  • Occupations most likely to be in high demand

For example, from the Labour Market Outlook you can learn:

  • In the Cariboo region, Motor Vehicle and Transit Drivers are expected to have the greatest number of job openings

Also available in: français, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, 繁體中文 and 简体中文.

Our Labour Market Navigator is an easy-to-use tool. It allows you to use your desktop, tablet or mobile device to explore the latest trends for 500 B.C. occupations. You can use the tool to find out:

  • Where B.C. jobs are expected to be
  • Key information about an occupation, such as main duties, average salary, expected job openings, and skills and education normally required
  • What industries are expected to grow most quickly and what kind of jobs they offer

With the Labour Market Navigator, you’ll learn, for example:

  • On average, a plumber makes about $53,000 - $66,000 a year
  • The province’s Transportation and Warehousing industry is expected to add 13,500 jobs in the coming decade

The Trades Occupations Outlook 2010-2020 report offers valuable information if you are considering a career in the trades. You will learn, for example:

  • Labour market conditions will favour job seekers because the demand for workers in trades occupations is expected to grow faster than the supply of workers.

Learning about labour market trends will give you an advantage in navigating B.C.’s changing labour market.