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Latest numbers from Northeast region in October 2015
Total population (Age 15+)
Unemployment rate
6.2 %
Total employment

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2014-2024 Labour Market Outlook
Use our labour market outlook resources to position yourself for career success, find workers, or plan strategies that address labour market needs.
Learn what demographics reveal, how they impact the workforce and how you can use demographic information to help plan a successful career.
Trades Outlook

The Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Leasing industry is made up of businesses that handle or arrange financial transactions on behalf of clients. Such businesses include banks and credit unions; insurance, real estate and leasing companies; and brokerages.

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Latest BC Employment Statistics

October 2015
Changes shown are compared to previous month.

Number of Jobs
In October 2015 compared to previous month
+1.0 % +23,300 jobs
Unemployment Rate
In October 2015
Changes from previous month
6.3 % 0
Top Growing Industries
+7.4 % +1,000 jobs
Public Administration
+3.5 % +3,400 jobs
Other Services
+3.4 % +3,500 jobs
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