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Of the nearly one million job openings expected by 2024 in B.C., 8 out of 10 will require post-secondary education. B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint: Re-engineering Education and Training helps align training and education with in-demand jobs.

A key goal of B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint is to make sure that British Columbians have a seamless plan that takes them from high school through post-secondary education and right into the workforce. We also need to provide more support to those who are struggling to gain a foothold in the job market or who face unique challenges - such as youth-at-risk, persons with disabilities and aboriginal youth.

Read B.C.’s Blueprint: Re-engineering education and training

B.C.’s Blueprint: Re-engineering education and training is built on three key objectives:


If you’re in elementary, middle or high school, we want to give you an earlier head-start to hands-on learning so you’re ready for the workforce or more advanced training when you graduate.

Key actions:

  • Job SearchDouble ACE-IT
  • Job SearchExpand WorkBC.ca
  • Job SearchEncourage partnerships
  • Job SearchFund Trade Ambassadors
  • Job SearchReform Gr 10 -12 high school graduation – personalized graduation plans
  • Job SearchReview K – 9 curriculum
  • Job SearchQualify more teachers
  • Job SearchIncrease skills training scholarships


If you’re in a college, university or institute, or are thinking about attending, we’re matching training with jobs in demand, and maximizing the spaces available to provide the programs you need to compete successfully in the workforce.

Key actions:

  • Job Search Target grants for students
  • Job Search Investing in programs
  • Job Search Investing in programs for persons with disabilities
  • Job Search Investing in labour market programs for youth
  • Job Search Investing in initiatives for Aboriginal people
  • Job Search Finding training spaces
  • Job Search Investing in infrastructure


If you’re looking to move into or up in the workplace, we’re building stronger partnerships with industry and labour to better connect you with the on the- job and classroom training you’ll need to boost your skills or achieve certification.

Key actions:

  • Job Search Connecting youth with the workplace
  • Job Search Training for the jobs we need
  • Job Search Harnessing the Employment Program of BC
  • Job Search Investing in Community Employer Partnership Program
  • Job Search Making more apprenticeships
  • Job Search Investing in Canada Job Grant
  • Job Search Publish important information
  • Job Search Harnessing Innovative Solutions

Read the B.C.’s Blueprint: Re-engineering education and training

The Industry Training Authority and Trades Training in B.C.: Recalibrating for High Performance