Post-secondary student outcomes

Which education programs lead to good jobs? Which programs produce grads who are ready for employment? Whether you are planning your career or looking for new employees, you’ll want to know the outcomes of B.C.’s post-secondary education programs.

Through a series of province-wide annual surveys, you can find out what former students had to say about their education and learn:
  • If they are working in jobs related to their education.
  • The income they make after they complete a program.
  • Further education they take after leaving a program.
  • If they are satisfied with the education they received.

Student Outcomes

Most students (92%) who took part in a 2018 BC Student Outcomes survey were “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with the education they received. Graduates had an unemployment rate between 4.3% and 9.9%, depending on the type of program. 

The BC Student Outcomes Highlights reports these and other results from a series of annual surveys of former B.C. post-secondary students who took baccalaureate programs; associate degree, diploma or certificate programs; and apprenticeship, trades foundation or trades-related vocational training.

The BC Student Outcomes Dashboard provides an interactive summary of survey results from former students who attended a post-secondary institution in B.C. (not all institutions participated in the Dashboard).