Recent Immigrants, Francophone Communities and Visible Minorities

This program helps immigrants, members of francophone communities and visible minorities gain new skills and obtain culturally safe, sustainable employment.

Eligible Participants

Unemployed or precariously employed British Columbians who are:
  • members of the francophone community; or
  • recent immigrants (within 10 years of landing); and/or
  • visible minorities.
Additionally, participants must have at least one (1) of the following barriers to employment:
  • limited English language skills,
  • lack of networks and/or connections,
  • lack of Canadian work experience,
  • lack/limited knowledge of navigating the B.C. labour market,
  • have been impacted by racism or discrimination


Training may include language skills development, knowledge of Canadian work culture, and job search supports. Participants may also be connected with employers for hands-on work experience.
Participants also receive wraparound supports such as childcare, transportation and mental health supports.

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