Survivors of Violence and/or Abuse

This program helps survivors of violence and/or abuse by providing skills training and employment supports for survivors to overcome barriers to employment. 

Eligible Participants

The program stream is primarily* open to unemployed or precariously employed British Columbians who have fled situations of violence and/or abuse and face one or more barriers to employment:
  • Mental health challenges related to abuse or trauma
  • Housing instability
  • Lack of childcare supports
  • Health issues
  • Discrimination and stigma
  • Lack of recent work experience
*Additional eligibility requirements may apply, depending on the program type and/or the specific services and training offered.


Programs include skills training and employment supports based on the needs of the participant. Employment supports address barriers to participation in skills training and employment. Examples include counselling, mentoring, child care, transportation, disability supports, work experience, wage subsidies and equipment.

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